Just in respect of Nature, of history and of the territory in which it grows, we have also chosen to cultivate a native indigenous grape variety of great potential, the Pugnitello.

A third vine north of the woods hosts the Petit Verdot, a grape variety which is highly suited for the weather in Tuscan Maremma.

Our vines breath pure clean air, get fed by healthy soil and get nourished by aromatic herbs which blossom abundantly all around.

Our wine is the product and the result of all this.

No chemicals, just natural biological compost, nothing that can compromise the potential of our terroir.


Vineyards in Palazzotto



We have chosen to bring back agronomic practices and antique techniques to regain flavours and values more and more precious and rare: for this reason our vines, implanted on about 2 acres in 2015, are head-trained to sapling (“alberello”) with a single stake per grapevine, the soil is not chemically treated and no chemicals are involved in the fertilisation, just manured with products permitted by biological agriculture.

The shape of the hill and its slopes creates a picturesque amphitheatre which hosts 3 vineyards. South of the woods lays the main vine, the Sangiovese, which expresses its full potential on this Tuscan coast territories; this variety is able to give great wines here in its place of birth.